I haven’t read it yet, it is still in the mail, but since the 12Keys2Bliss course was inspired by it, it certainly┬áis worth reading.The book is called Everyday Bliss For Busy Women. The author, Maryam Webster a teacher and a mentor of mine, I am proud to say, is also the creator and the director of the Energy Coach Institute from which I acquired my Energy Coaching Certification.

I went through the program twice as a refresher and was on each and every call as I loved it so much. When Maryam is teaching something is happening; I actually believe that she is channeling the material in a way.

After each of her classes I feel my heart is more open and my cells are the cells of a better person. So if you haven’t yet, but are interested in Energy Psychology, I strongly recommend looking up the Certified Energy Coaching training running only once a year.

This is a place where you are coupled in pairs; you get buddies to work with. It is one of my favorite perks because most of the time you keep working and sharing your life with them for a long, long time.

Now back to the book:

Book Description
Places to go. People to see. For the busy woman with a thousand things in the air at once, where is the time to luxuriate in an earth-toned room in the thrall of haunting flute music and aroma therapy candles? Between the board meeting and soccer practice?

Nonsense! If today’s busy woman wants be awash in bliss, she needs to make it happen–fast! This book, written by a noted expert in energy psychology, positive psychology, and neurolinguistic programming (NLP), offers busy women simple, in-the-moment energy balancing tips that can boost energy and foster wellness is just minutes–or even seconds!–each day.

After a brief orientation to the techniques used in Everyday Bliss for Busy Women, the reader will learn simple, powerful techniques to ease stress and tension, relieve aches and pains, and reconnect the mind and spirit. Latter chapters address specific issues in a woman’s day, from getting up in the morning to getting to work to bedtime routines for bliss and relaxation.

From the Publisher
Everyday Bliss offers busy women an amazing array of quick and easy tips, grounded in energy psychology and positive psychology, to simply and gracefully eliminate nagging worries and aching pains and bring forth abundant energy for living a life of bliss.

Maryam Webster was a transpersonal psychotherapist and practitioner of energy psychology for twenty years before retraining as a personal performance coach. She merged the powerful new energy psychology techniques with coaching methods to create the powerful new helping profession of Energy Coaching. Director of The Energy Coach Institute, and creator of its Certified Energy Coach Program, Webster works with women in leadership to regain their bliss and excel both at work and home through the Everyday Bliss process.